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October 20, 2014

Intraosseous Infusion Series - Post #1 - by Dr. Alan Moloff

This is the first post in our Intraosseous (IO) Infusion Series. In this series, Pyng's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alan Moloff, will explore the history, usage and indications for IO, and will specifically examine the emergence of Sternal IO and why it is a preferred choice for intravenous access by military, special forces, EMS and critical care personnel.


Rapid vascular access, getting critical medications and fluids into the bloodstream quickly, is an essential early treatment for many patients suffering from disease and trauma, whether in a hospital or pre-hospital environment.

Regardless of your level of training and expertise, the ability to rapidly administer medications and fluids is important, and in many cases your patient outcome depends on it. This is especially critical when it comes to trauma on the battlefield, in motor vehicle accidents, or in a variety of complex disasters.

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Medical Dynamics provides the latest technology offered in medical equipment.

We serve the Western US markets for: Hospital, LTACH, Subacute, Skilled Nursing, EMS/Transport, and Home Care.

Product Spotlight

FASTResponder&#8482; Sternal Intraosseous Device from Pyng gives emergency care providers the critical ability to quickly establish vascular access when normal peripheral intravenous access fails. FASTResponder&#8482; Sternal IO enables users to rapidly and easily deliver emergency fluids and medications into the vascular system through the bone marrow of the manubrium... <br /><br /> &gt;&gt; Read More

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